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“Watercooler” Conversations

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Listening to People – It’s What We Do

You are the reason we are working. We feel that, for everyone, lives are based on people listening to and talking with people, exchanging ideas and information. So for us this website is a conversation. We get lots of comments and questions from you. Usually you ask that your emails and inquiries be kept private. You don’t want your name up in lights anywhere. You just have a question and would like an answer. If you ask us for such privacy, we honor your request and never identify you. If your question is especially good and the answer would help many others, we might use your question, completely anonymously, as a topic on the site or in our free monthly Newsletter.

Welcome to the Neuroscience Research and Development Consultancy website. Have a question or a comment? Send it to us at:

Some of You Feel That You’re Easily Identifiable

It comes up rarely, but on occasion we get a question from you and you fear that just the way your question is stated, just your question’s content, could give away who you are to your family and friends. So, when you request it of us, we just write back to you and answer your question. We then never post anything from you anywhere.

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Usually You Just Want To Stay Anonymous But You’re OK with Us Using Your Topic

Usually your feel it’s okay post your question and answer on the site or in our free monthly Newsletter if we do so anonymously.

One of our Newark (NJ) Readers Asked:

You Bennys make things way too complicated. Why not just anonymous everybody?

There are readers of our website, or any website, that come up with questions, comments, or improvement suggestions that are really good, really insightful. And it’s not unusual for a bright, clever person to want to get credit for their brainy comments. We have no desire to deny anyone their glory or to try to steal a great idea and falsely leave the impression that it was our idea. So if someone says we don’t need to keep their name private, we’re happy to put their name up in lights on the marque outside the theater. (We left the comment as the reader sent it. We had to look up “Benny”. According to Wikipedia, “Benny is a pejorative term used by year-round residents of the Jersey Shore to describe stereotypically rude, flashy, loud tourists from North Jersey and New York.”)

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Some of You Don’t Mind Your Name on the Marque

Others of you like your name up in lights, or at least, don’t mind if your name is made public. Your question is a good one so why not let everyone know it came from you. Sometimes it takes a genius to come up with a really great question. Then, when you send us the question, you let us know that you don’t mind if we attribute the question to your name. That is, you have given us permission to use your name on the website or in our free monthly Newsletter.

Whatever Your Type and Your Request – We Enjoy the Questions

And so these conversations with each and all of you enrich us. As you send us questions, comments, critiques, and complaints, we reply. And if it’s okay with you the replies might be posted here, under “Replies, Discussions, and Conversations”. And, there are occasional complaints. No one is perfect, and we’re far from error-free. Plus, not everyone agrees with us or with everyone else. We value critical comments and complaints. We believe in and we support that an exchange of different viewpoints informs, educates, and helps everyone. Especially for us, this topic area of replies, discussions, and conversations helps us at the Neuroscience Research & Development Consultancy to provide balanced information. And, information relevant to your interests. It’s part of continuous quality improvement.

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The “Replies to Readers” Part of Replies, Discussions, and Conversations

Any of you can send us a note with your views on just about anything. See the page Contact Us for four ways to reach us.

If you send us an email you can request that we keep your name confidential or that we can mention your name when we post a reply.

If you are a paid subscriber and post a comment your comment will automatically appear with your name as author of the comment

Those of you who sign up as a paid subscriber are able to see special Subscriber-Only pages. Also, you will have access to a Comment Box at the bottom of every page. You can add your comments and see comments placed there by other subscribers. The cost to subscribe is small, and you can subscribe a month at a time. That said, subscribing for three months is a better deal.

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Those Watercooler Conversations

As anyone who goes to a workplace knows, the breakroom or lunch room is an informal social center for all employees. It’s where people can talk about areas that are company “insider information”. We know that some of these insider, off-the-cuff information topics might be interesting to you. So, we write them up and post them here under the Conversations part of the Replies, Discussions, and Conversations page. Sometimes one of us might post an article here on a topic because we think the topic might be of interest to you even though it didn’t start as breakroom gossip.

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