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You have noticed that the main pages about each medical condition and its treatment are public and free.  As another free service, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter.  These public pages provide, in broad outline, information on each condition.  More free features: Under “Talk” are replies to readers’ questions and comments, and occasional inside discussions within the NeuroSci R&D Consultancy.  (We have fun at work.  Perhaps more than we should.)  Also without charge, anyone can ask a question.  We will answer your question if we can.

If you join us as a supporting member ($4.99 a month, $9.99 for 3 months), you get access to the Member’s Only pages with more details about the conditions, the treatments, and medications.  We discuss treatments and medical opinions about these treatments.  Treatments and medications that are available now and candidate drugs in development that might (or might not) be available in the future.  How valuable might these medications be?  Which medications might really work, and which, well, not so much?  Is that new drug in the news likely to help or is it just company marketing hype?

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Our only support is our members.  We don’t have ads.  We don’t get and thus are not beholding to outside support.  Not from companies.  Not from insurance companies.  Not from drug companies.  Not from the government.  We are supported by you, our readers and contributors.  We keep the prices as low as possible.  So, join the club.