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You might live to age 100 or be brain dead tomorrow. What makes the difference? Taking care of yourself, paying attention to your health, your genetic inheritance, your upbringing, and luck. While we can’t be your doctor, we do offer solid medical information and can even at times provide a sort of informal website second opinion in the medical neurology and psychiatry specialties. We’ve run this website since 2015 and we enjoy what we do. So join the conversation, ask your question, and we’ll give the answer our best effort.

NeuroSci R&D Consultancy

This Website Might Have a Bit of Real Value

Oddly enough, and we don’t understand why, but there are people, patients and their families and friends, who want to know and who ask us about their medicines and their medical conditions. And they give it a try reading our website and sending us questions on medical conditions like schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s. And when people send in questions, the website team does a bit of research to try to find answers to post them on the site or to email back to them.

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We’re All Friends Here

We enjoy helping each other and helping our readers whenever we can. We get all sorts of queries. Why does schizophrenia happen? When in the history of the world did schizophrenia start? Why can’t we cure Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis and when will we be able to? Is there a good medication for autism? We keep expanding and revising the website to stay current and try to align with the interests of our readers. We’re people who like helping people. We write up interesting explanations of medical conditions and answer questions that people send to us. And when you’re a people-helper, nothing makes you happier than helping people.

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And About Those Subscription Fees

Well, yeah, about that… We don’t take advertising. We want to avoid any perception of bias when we recommend for or against any treatment or medication. If we had ads for Pfizer, or Novartis, or the Mayo Clinic, or UCLA Medical Center, you might feel that we slant our opinions to favor our advertisers. So, with no ads, we’re on our own, supported by you, or at least by those of you who subscribe to our site. Most of our website is free but to reach some of the pages you need to subscribe. At a subscription fee of $0.99 a month (yes, 99¢ a month) we can’t make it any cheaper. (And, we only get 66¢ of the 99¢. The bankers get the other 33¢). We want as much as possible for it to be accessible to everyone.

How the Site Is Arranged

The fans that support out site use the site in various ways. At times they use the site as a sort of forum or conversation. Other times it’s a two-way conversation when someone sends us a question and we answer it, or sends us a comment and requests a reply. The subscribers are be able to see a Comment Box at the bottom of each page where comments can be posted and answered for all to read. The conversations usually are about medical information on conditions in neurology and psychiatry. Sometimes they’re just chit-chat, sometimes friendly, sometimes debating, and always interesting.

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It’s Medical Confidentiality

Often, or even usually, when someone is talking about their medical disorders and diseases they don’t want their name on the site. And when you join as a subscriber and post a question or comment, your name is there. But if you send us a question by email and say not to use your name, we can keep it confidential. (Not medically HIPAA compliant, you understand, but confidential.) We might even turn your question and our answer into a new page, and, of course, not mention your name. (Unless you ask us to. We’re happy to make you a little famous if you want.)

About This Website – About Us – Unbiased and Independent

We think that refusing to accept ads is a big advantage for our site. We don’t have paid advertisers. So, you’ll see no pop-up little boxes. No jumping monkeys or dancing cartoon women. As a result we’re under no pressure to color what we say to please advertisers. We provide correct, truthful, and reputable information with no commercial bias. It’s an unbiased and independent site, a rare situation to find on the Internet. Not only do we not have ads, we don’t take outside support from any companies, and this includes insurance companies and drug companies. Nor do we accept any government support. We owe no one an undeserved good word because they gave us money.

The Site in Supported by our Subscribers (and we LOVE them!)

Our support comes from our subscribers. So join us!

Our NeuroSci R&D Website is a Living, Growing Site

As we respond to readers queries, we keep researching and writing. We write new pages, revise existing pages, and at times take down obsolete pages. And we see no end in sight. We keep the website a living, responsive site, ever changing to meet the desires of its readership and subscribers.

So, There You Have It. Aren’t We Great?

That’s what we’re about. We would value your comments.

Mail to Comment@NeuroSciRandD.com

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