Why “Incisive – Divisive”?

Our readers are crowdsourcing everything.  They often notice points and aspects that a small group sitting in offices might never conceptualize.  Perceptive and penetrating, sharp and insightful.  Incisive, the say the least.

But, not everyone agrees with everyone else.  Some viewpoints are troublesome and contentions, if not out and out disruptive and acrimonious.  Divisiveness can be a seed of growth, too.

Replies to Readers

Those readers who subscribe to the site are able to see and access a Comment Box at the bottom of every page allowing one to place comments and see comment responses from us and from other members.  But of course, that does cost a bit.  We feel a small bit, but a cost is a cost.

Any reader, subscribed or not, can send us a note asking about or commenting upon one thing or another.  We might put a reply or explanation in this space so that their question, a query likely wondered by many, can be answered for all that are curious.

Conversations in the Breakroom

This is the casual spot for conversational items.  For the moment, at the suggestion of one of our staff, we have a few poems.