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Replies to Readers’ Questions and Comments

In Our Neuroscience Consultancy Breakroom – Staff Discussions & Conversations

Why Have a Page Called “Replies, Discussions, and Conversations”?

We are here actively going over readers’ comments and emails and revising the website. As readers send us their questions, comments, critiques, and complaints, we reply, and the replies are posted here, under “Replies, Discussions, and Conversations”.

And, of course, not everyone agrees with us or with everyone else. We value critical comments and complaints. We believe in and support that an exchange of different viewpoints informs, educates, and helps everyone. Especially for us, this page on replies, discussions, and conversations helps us at the Neuroscience Research & Development Consultancy to provide balanced information.

The “Replies to Readers” Part of Replies, Discussions, and Conversations

Any of you can send us a note with your views on just about anything. See the page Contact Us for 4 ways to reach us.

If you send us an email you can request that we keep your name confidential or that we mention your name when we post a reply.

If you subscribe and post a comment your comment will automatically appear with your name as author of the comment.

Those of you who join as a subscriber are able to see special Subscriber-Only pages. Also, you will have access to a Comment Box at the bottom of every page. You can add your comments and see comments placed there by other subscribers. The cost to subscribe is small, and you can subscribe for only one month. That said, subscribing for 3 months is a better deal.

The “Conversations in the Breakroom” Part

As anyone who goes to a workplace knows, the breakroom or lunch room is an informal social center for all employees. And so it is with us. We hang out in the breakroom and chat about this and that, one topic or another. On occasion, we later realize that the off-the-cuff conversation that we had might be of interest to the readers of the website. So, we write them up and post them under the Conversations part of the Replies, Discussions, and Conversations page. To be honest, though, now and then one of us post something because we think the topic might be of interest to our readers even though it didn’t start as breakroom chit-chat.

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