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Replies to Readers

Conversations in the Breakroom

What’s It About, is this Page on Replies, Discussions, and Conversations?

You are our crowdsource. We can’t think of everything. The collective minds of all of you, our readers, on the other hand, seem able to come up with just about everything. You often notice points and errors that we don’t.

And, of course, not everyone agrees with everyone else. An exchange of views often helps everyone. This page on replies, discussions, and conversations helps us at the Neuroscience Research & Development Consultancy.

The “Replies to Readers” Part of Replies, Discussions, and Conversations

Any of you can send us a note with your views on just about anything. See the page Contact Us for 3 ways to reach us.

Those of you who subscribe as a member are able to see and use a Comment Box at the bottom of every page. You can add your comments and see comments placed there by others members. The cost is small.

The “Conversations in the Breakroom” Part

When we at the Neuroscience Research & Development Consultancy have news, views, or posts, we put them here. Some do come from conversations we have in our breakroom.

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